Magnetic Goggles
Magnetic Goggles
Goggles (skidglasögon) från Bright Equipment. Två utbytbara linser och ett etui.
Magnetic Goggles

Magnetic Goggles

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Ski or snowmobile goggles with interchangeable magnetic lenses packaged in an exclusive EVA box, eyeglass frame, and three spherical lenses. Lightweight and convenient magnetic system for lens replacement. The magnet is powerful enough to securely hold the lens in place. The strap is extra-wide and silicone-coated on the inside, providing a secure fit on your helmet. A three-layer foam between the frame and your face makes it very comfortable."

Three magnetic lenses included:

  • REVO lens: Reduces eye fatigue, improves contrast vision, and stops blinding reflections.
  • Smoky lens: Dark lens that combats glare. Great for medium-light weather conditions.
  • Yellow lens: A high-contrast lens that enhances sharpness in extremely flat light and weak lighting conditions.

The spherical lenses are curved both vertically and horizontally. This means the lenses provide better peripheral vision and there's less risk of blinding reflections. Additionally, these lenses are less prone to fogging as there is more air space between the lens and your face.

Lens color and properties

Conditions change rapidly on the mountain. During cloudy weather, a lens that allows a lot of light through is needed, and conversely, a lens that withstands light is needed when the sun finally emerges. The amount of light a lens allows through is measured on a scale called VLT (Visible Light Transmission), ranging from 0 to 100 percent.

A lower number indicates a darker lens. Typical lenses for sunny days have a VLT of 5-20 percent. These lenses are often darker and usually come in black, gold, and grey colors. Furthermore, goggles for sunny days often have a mirrored lens. Especially dark lenses with a spherical curvature prevent the sun from blinding you, allowing you to make the most of a sunny day on the mountain.

When the clouds roll in, you need a pair of goggles that can give you high contrast. Examples of such conditions include flat light, fog, or snowfall. The best lenses for poorer conditions are often yellow, blue, or pink and have a VLT of 60-90 percent."

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Harrsjo

Jag har haft skidglasögonen i 2 säsonger nu och är supernöjd. Linserna är smidiga att byta och sitter väldigt bra. 3 linser som funkar väldigt bra i olika ljus.

Kaj Svensson
Magnetic Goggles, skid-/skoterglasögon

Saknas glas för starkt solsken och vit snö.
Annars enkelt att byta glas. Onödigt dyra.

Mikael Kretz

Magnetic Goggles, skid-/skoterglasögon

Alexander Helander
Riktigt schyssta brillor!

Sitter riktigt skönt. Brilliant att man kan byta linsen efter sikten.

Bra glasögon

Jag är nöjd.