We are a young brand that humbly strives to constantly improve in terms of sustainability. We do this with the help of action. Starting on January 18, 2023, Bright EQ will clear one kilogram of plastic waste from the Swedish west coast for every kilogram of our products that we sell. We do this by purchasing kilo vouchers from the organization CleanSea , which incidentally won the Änglamarks prize in the fall of 2022. Annually, 800 tons of plastic waste flows onto our Swedish west coast, and if the waste is allowed to remain, it harms wildlife directly and ourselves through the slow the transformation into microplastics that end up in our food.

This effort is the most concrete we see that we can do to compensate for the footprint our operations make on the earth. The effort makes us powerfully plastic waste positive, and we don't know of any company in our industry that spends a larger part of its turnover on doing the right thing. Should there be someone who does it, we will be the first to applaud such a sustainable approach.

Most of the materials we use come from well-known suppliers such as YKK® and Primaloft®, who work solidly with sustainability. In addition, we follow the RDS standard for down. When it comes to freight, we use trains and boats as much as possible. We will work continuously to improve the administrative efforts within sustainability - because it is important. But maybe not the most important thing. For us, it's mainly about doing something that has a direct effect, here and now, and doing the right thing for ourselves. We believe we do - kilo for kilo.