About us

Bright Equipment offers premium clothing and accessories to consumers and businesses valuing quality and service. We are a young brand, but our ownership has been producing quality clothing for over 30 years. In addition to providing affordable premium products, at Bright Equipment, we strive to maintain a secure and hassle-free service for both individual and corporate customers.

For businesses, we offer printing, embroidery, and smart gift card solutions, whether the customer purchases directly from us or through our carefully selected agents. Our project managers and graphic designers ensure a seamless total delivery.

In terms of sustainability, Bright Equipment collaborates with all our customers and CleanSea. In 2022, CleanSea won the Änglamarkspriset for its efforts in cleaning Sweden's west coast of international plastic waste (which washes ashore more than 800 tons annually on the west coast). For every kilogram of products our customers buy from us, we donate funds to CleanSea to pick up an equivalent amount of plastic waste and ensure proper disposal. We do this because we believe it is important and because it is something that already affects us all through microplastics in our food. In addition to the collaboration with CleanSea, we work with well-known material suppliers.

In summary, we aim to be a fair premium brand that navigates by the compass points of "down-to-earth" and "common sense." The brand is for those who love fresh air, whether you're in the middle of the city, on a forest walk with your dog, or by your secret fishing spot. We exist for you.